Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

“Taekwondo education promotes ethnic identity and self-confidence.”


Realizing the educational philosophy and ideology of GVCS by helping students to grow into leaders who, having special talents, are aware of their national identity and who possess humble etiquettes.


Students will be able to …
  • advance in faith, intellect, physical strength, and skills;
  • improve self-confidence, patience, and modesty;
  • display leadership skills and embrace the future of a unified Korea, Asia, and all humankind.

03Main functions of the Taekwondo academy

  • Education: teaching the skills and theories of Taekwondo through classes and evaluating actual skills through performance tests
  • Mission: nurturing a missionary mindset through national and international mission trips and volunteer work
  • Promotion: promoting GVCS by performing in events and competitions and by hosting and participating in various events


  • Taekwondo substitutes PE classes in the curriculum
  • professional Taekwondo masters with special talents, skills, experience, and outstanding personality
  • exclusive Taekwondo studio with modern facilities
  • obtaining 2nd or 3rd degree black belt before graduation (depending on time of admission)
  • strict evaluation system according to skills and level

05Expected results

  • strengthened immune system through improved physical and mental health due to regular exercise
  • improved social skills and self-confidence about health and self-protection
  • improved patience, sense of keeping rules and regulations, and sense of justice through healthy competitions
  • enhanced social skills due to education in etiquette and manners such as respecting others and maintaining a modest attitude
  • enhanced learning ability by improving concentration through promoting health and releasing stress

06Taekwondo academy classes

  • regular classes: twice a week, substituting PE classes
  • Taekwondo Demonstration Team: performing at various mission trips, events and competitions, representing GVCS
  • intensive classes: classes for those who want to learn Taekwondo more intensely or pass belt tests quickly
  • club activity: promoting a fun school life for students to find their true-self through competitions and Poomsae
  • teacher classes: for faculty and staff members interested in Taewondo for a healthy, active ministry and fellowship

07Activities and events

  • belt and level tests
  • first-aid education (belt test requirement)
  • Black Belt Ceremony
  • GVCS Taekwondo festival
  • Taekwondo Demonstration team performances at various domestic and overseas mission trips and attending competitions
  • medical check-up for students


  • improved physical strength
  • reduced number of obese students
  • prevention of violence and enhanced mutual respect
  • friendlier school atmosphere through education in etiquette
  • school spirit
  • learning that Taekwondo is fun through school festival competitions

09Future plans

  • Youth Taekwondo competition (finding talents)
  • GVCS Taekwondo textbooks
  • annually published GVCS Taekwondo magazine
  • Taekwondo missionary training camp (operating training center to educate professionals)