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"CPE Campaign"

The traditional CPE campaign allows all students and faculty members to unite in the school spirit and promote the GVCS motto of CPE - clean, pure, and excellent.

GVCS Campaign - Photo

01Clean school

  • clean environment: classrooms, hallways, restrooms, playground/courts, cafeteria, and dormitory
  • clean behavior: a school without profanity, violence and bullying, but full of encouragement and praise
  • clean body: personal hygiene, clean attire, and modest outfit

02Pure school

  • pure dreams: writing down dreams and concrete plans to live a life resembling that of Jesus Christ
  • pure spirit: a school without pornography or violence, but full of repentance, prayer, and positive thinking
  • healthy smile: not being rude, but helping each other, respecting classmates, performing good deeds, and creating a happy community

03Excellent school

  • improving basic academic skills: English, foreign language, math, science, reading, and common sense
  • developing self-driven learning habits: increasing concentration, goal-oriented research
  • gaining wider perspectives: obtaining career information through vocational lectures by parents