Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

Spiritual education at GVCS


  • The Christian spiritual education aspires to train Christian leaders who obey the calling of God and serve in the process of Korea’s unification and the prosperity of the world.


  • individual spiritual training: prayer, Bible reading, QT, early morning prayer service
  • change in life: cell group meetings, acquiring Christian values
  • healing and recovery: lectures on healthy relationships, healing service, CPE revival
  • community service and mission trips: mission trips, local volunteer work, Saturday English school, assisting in church service
  • leadership training: cell leader training, worship team leader training, discipleship training
  • worship and devotion: Sunday service, Thursday chapel, Friday worship service


  • individual spiritual training
  • discipleship training
  • Bible classes
  • education of Christian values
  • early morning prayer service
  • Friday night worship and prayer service
  • Sunday service
  • English service
  • participating in Sunday service (choir, worship teams, welcoming team, chapel cleaning team, cell leaders, broadcasting team)
  • school families
  • overseas mission trips and local volunteer work