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The world has become a battleground fighting for people with talents and skills, in which one outstanding person can lead a company or even a whole country. A recent special TV documentary titled “Leaders who have become legends” included the following data: 83% of 1,500 Ivy League graduates in the US (equivalent to 1,245 students) chose their career for the sake of money, and only 27% (equivalent to 255 students) chose a career of their interests. What is even more surprising is the fact that 101 of the 1,500 graduates became millionaires within 20 years after graduation, and only one of those 101 millionaires had chosen his field of occupation for money. The other 100 were those who had opted for what they loved to do. In other words, 39.2% of the 255 graduates who entered a career of their liking became millionaires.
The GVCS Global Education Mission was founded on the philosophy to educate globally talented individuals who are able to act on an international stage, working for all humankind and the glory of God while performing the work they love. I would like to call these students “global leaders.” GVCS aims to foster devoted leaders who, grounded on faith, possess exceeding creative minds as well as professionalism, excellent social skills and international communication skills. In addition to our regular curriculum, we promote our students’ athletic talents and operate specified educational tracks in soccer and baseball for our students to become world athletes who will be international ambassadors of sports.
GVCS Eumseong and Mungyeong strive to create the best campuses in Asia to educate future leaders who are all-around talents in all types of industries and who are able to serve 10 billion people worldwide. We anticipate that GVCS will become a school where students from all around the world want to be and want to study.
I would like to encourage all students to dream big, follow their hearts and advance to accomplishing their visions here at GVCS.
Thank you.

Jean-Seok Nam (president & founder)