Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

Principal 이명훈 - Photo

Principal Chris M.Lee


The GVCS Mungyeong Campus has currently approximately 500 students and 100 teachers who are all working together in pursuit of a valuable future. The 20 acres campus is equipped with various facilities and is growing into a campus suited for raising global leaders both in name and reality.

It is the goal of our education to raise talented individuals who can find their own way in the area of their choice, harmonize with others as they possess great team spirit, and change society in a positive way. We put our best effort into providing an education that will raise our students to become global leaders. We are raising leaders who share love and humanity by teaching Taekwondo, through which our students acquire a healthy spirit and national pride, and by emphasizing communal volunteer work, which cultivates a Christian mindset. Providing various reading activities, cultural experiences and sports, we educate our students with the main goal of fostering leadership.

We will continue to do our best for our students to achieve valuable visions and goals and to become true leaders who fulfill the will of God.


  • Bachelor in Christian Education, Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary
  • Masters in Pastoral Theology and Missiology, Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary
  • M.Div. and Ph.D in Pastoral Theology and Missiology, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Work Experience
  • Lecturer at the General Assembly Ministry of Education (The Presbyterian Church of Korea)
  • President of United Mission
  • Senior Pastor at Sarang Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Trainer at the Department of Student Education at Stanford Graduate School
  • Manager and Vice President of the Church Council (San Jose)
  • Spiritual Leader at Connecting Business Men to Christ (Silicon Valley)
  • CEO of Agape Mission Foundation (USA)
  • CEO of International Leadership Foundation (Korea)
  • Leadership education ministry in the USA, Korea, India, and China
  • Christian children's book - “Baby Rabbit's Dream”, “A Love Song in the Rain”
  • Christian training - Sunday school workbook (Volumes 1, 2, 3),
  • monthly “Educational Church” publication
  • Theology - “Theology and life”
  • “Vision Essay” series, Christian Times, USA
  • essay documentary - “The Great Seed Story”