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"10 Principles of the Christian Education at GVCS Mungyeong"

01Focus on individual acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior

  • school pastors for class each class help students with accepting Christ as their Savior
  • consistent focus on salvation and accepting Christ in sermons
  • priority on counseling on salvation

02Spiritual training

  • textbook development and cell group Bible studies on Christian values
  • Christian education through Sunday service
  • various spiritual training opportunities through special services

03Early morning prayer service

  • spiritual training through early morning prayer service; mandatory on Mondays, Thursdays, optional on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • special early morning prayer services during Passion Week, Thanksgiving Week, CPE campaign
  • emphasizing early morning prayer services to grow in faith

04Personal growth in faith through volunteer work

  • serving others by participating in the Chapel cleaning team
  • participation in ministry by serving in the worship team
  • serving as Sunday school teachers
  • serving as the Welcome team for Sunday services
  • volunteering for Saturday English Classes (program offered for local elementary school students)

05Broad spiritual values through Thursday chapel

  • attending various lectures / sermons by guest pastors
  • education on creation and heresy through consistent lectures
  • various spiritual experience through service in the open-service format

06Intensive spiritual training through Friday worship service

  • student-led worship
  • experience in prayer through extended prayer time
  • spiritual group training through prayer groups

07Biblical leadership training: discipleship training

  • training of devotion and self-control
  • systematic spiritual training by following a designated training program
  • living faith: putting learned practices into action
  • biblical leadership training by serving as one-on-one cell group leader

08Bible classes

  • consistent and systematic Bible study through Bible classes incorporated in the curriculum
  • individual research and growth through discussions and class projects
  • integrated perspective through historical education of understanding the Bible as a whole

09English services

  • simultaneous spiritual and language training through English services
  • international fellowship with non-Korean teachers attending the English services
  • growing in responsibility and independence by volunteering for the English service

10Healing and recovery through counseling

  • adjusting to school and dormitory life through regular counseling
  • offering a mentor program through optional counseling
  • problem-solving and healing through optional counseling