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"GVCS Mungyeong Campus - Training Sports Talents"

Unlike in the past, athletes who only play sports cannot thrive in this world any more. Providing students with a unified sports and education program, GVCS has set its goal to training students with athletic talents while equipping them with international communication skills through the “Global Athletes Project.” The professional GVCS guidance counseling office suggests various career/school options both domestic and in the USA to which the athletes can advance after graduation. The students are offered an intensive and strategic education program to help them grow as leaders in their chosen fields as, for example, international referees, sports administrators, sports diplomats, and sports missionaries.

01GVCS Sports Prodigy Program

  • educational foundation: solid foundation of basic learning skills in languages, math, and science
  • international communication skills: emphasis on English and other foreign languages as language skills are essential for playing in international leagues
  • improving health and athletic skills: developing basic health, athletic skills, and athletic abilities to be able to compete on an international level
  • spiritual training: educating leaders with leadership skills who can serve the world with a vision of mission through spiritual training
  • sports prodigy roadmap: athletes, sports professionals, sports trainers, and more



The baseball team was founded in March 2011
  • March 2011 1st training in Houston, USA
    March 8, 2011 - July 3, 2011
    Clear Lake Christian School (ESL classes)
  • September 2011 2nd training in Houston, USA
    September 9, 2011 - May 26, 2012
    Clear Lake Christian School (regular classes)
    Rice University Baseball Camp, US
    Major league games: NY Yankees, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Colorado, etc.
  • March 2012 3rd training in Houston, USA
    August 31, 2012 - December 30, 2012
    Clear Lake Christian School (regular classes)
  • February 2013 official launching
  • March 2013 2nd place in the “59th Elementary and Middle School Baseball Competition” sponsored by the Chairman of the Gyeongbuk Association



The soccer team was founded in September 2011.
  • September 2011 1st training in Houston, USA
    Clear Lake Christian School (ESL classes)
  • January 2012 returning home
  • February 2012 local training (enrolled at GVCS Mungyeong)
  • April 2012 Participation in the KFA Mungyeong District League
  • March 2013 official launching
  • August 2013 U-15 round of 16
  • 2014 Participation in the grand prix of the Gyeongbuk-Daegu Middle School Weekend League
  • August 2014 U-15 round of 16
  • 2015 Excellence Award at the National High School Soccer Competition (category: lower grades)
Coach Ha Sang-seob
Sang-Seob Ha
Coach at Jeonbuk University (3 years)
Manager at Dankuk University (10 years)
Coach at Dankuk University (16 years)
Executive director of the Korea University Soccer Association

"Educating sports professionals who can embrace the globalized world"