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01Declaration of Global Vision Education

Recognizing the era of globalization, transcending ideological, racial, and cultural differences, we declare to all the world the determination of the Global Vision Education, to raise global leaders who will promote global peace and Prosperity of all mankind. For such a Purpose, we hereby declare the following principles:
To the purpose of raising creative leaders in the era of globalization, we are determined not to partake in an educational system founded only upon competition and hierarchy. Rather, we commit to educational principles which value the individual, their potential and unique qualities which when developed, contribute to an advancement of Global education and cultivating global leaders.
We declare our determination to transform the students with self-centered hearts who seek their personal pleasures by any means, into caring individuals who value the happiness of others over their own; and commit to raising leaders that build bridges of unity and cooperation through their exceptional linguistic and cultural communication skills in order to cultivate global peace.
We are determined to teach our students to be followers of Jesus Christ, the symbol of Salvation, Sacrifice, and Love for all mankind. We commit to guiding students to the realization of their true purpose and direction for their lives, thus raising global leaders who will serve the global community with compassion and integrity.
We declare that we will develop the outstanding talents of individuals so that they can contribute as global citizens in the highly specialized industries of the modern world. Furthermore, we declare that we will actively seek out talented students who are economically or socially marginalized, and to give our best efforts to nurture the global leader.
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