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01Dreaming of the day when every student can receive financial support

Equal opportunity of education and fairness is the critical element in creating a healthy society and handling societal conflicts. The problem of one losing educational opportunities because of the economic gap in a capitalistic society can be the seed that grows into an unethical society or a reason for class conflicts. Therefore, we believe, it is the mission of the educational community of GEM and GVCS to be actively involved in educational sponsoring and scholarship support.
  • academic scholarship
  • work-study
  • subsequent payment scholarship
  • scholarships for the graduating class
  • alumni scholarship
  • scholarships for students from rural residents and from low-income families
  • scholarships for students from pastor and missionary families
  • Courageous David scholarship
  • scholarships for students recommended by the chairman and board executives
  • scholarships for students from military families, police families, and firefighter families
  • scholarships for students from families with two or more children
  • scholarships for students of school personnel

※ GEM/GVCS is assisting students with scholarships worth one billion dollars every year.