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The international relations team of Global Vision Christian School aims to be a medium of helping to raise global leaders who will lead 10 billion people in the world. Therefore, we continuously advance to offer our students the best after-school and vacation programs that hone their talents and enable them not only to see the world but to gain international experience. Living in a ubiquitous era, it is of great significance to educate students to look outside the box, comprehend international relations and be able to adapt to the international world. The main part of our work lies in cooperating with schools around the world, sharing in the belief of providing the best education to all students.

02Study-abroad Programs

It is the educational philosophy of GVCS for students to overcome cultural, racial and linguistic boundaries. All students are raised to become global leaders and as such are encouraged to go beyond their familiar surroundings. Therefore, we offer our students the opportunity to study either at our campus in Pennsylvania or attend one of our sister schools in the USA.
GVCS PA campus
The GVCS-USA campus, located in Pennsylvania, opened its doors to the students in August 2015. It is an ideal environment for those students who dream of exploring the world.
Who can apply?
- students in 9th and 10th grade who have been enrolled at either the Eumseong or Mungyeong campus for a minimum of 2 semesters and who maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.
AA program
The AA (ACE Advanced) program is an exchange program for GVCS students to our sisters schools in the USA. The students will be immersed in a complete US environment, attend school, and stay with an American home stay family.
Who can apply?
- students in 7th and 8th grade who have been enrolled at either the Eumseong or Mungyeong campus for a minimum of 2 semesters and who maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.

03Sister Schools

We are honored to maintain positive relationships with sister schools around the world. We continually strive to improve our relationships and provide the students from our sister schools as well as GVCS students with valuable experience. Our international programs include the Global Youth Forum, the Global Academic Olympiad, and cultural exchanges. We are reaching out to invite the students of our sister schools to visit our campus, experience daily school life with us, and share our academic skills as well as multicultural characteristics in becoming global leaders who will change the world.
Sister Schools
country: Singapore school: St. Francis Methodist School
USA Broadfording Christian Academy, Maryland;
Tri-City Christian School, California;
Turlock Christian School, California;
Grace Academy, Maryland;
Clear Lake Christian School, Texas;
Christian Academy of Southwest, Kentucky;
Christian Academy of Indiana, Indiana;
Valley Christian School, California
China Malvern College Qingdao;
Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Experimental School of China Education Scientific Research Institute;
Beijing 21st Century International School;
English School Attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Taiwan Tam Kang High School
Indonesia Vita School;
Salatiga State Senior High School 1;
Tritunggal Christian School;
Satya Wacana Christian Senior High School;
Ichthus Christian School;
El Salvador International Christian Academy
If you are interested in cooperating with GVCS, working towards a global educational environment for students worldwide, and in overcoming geographical boundaries, please feel free to contact us.

04Competitions and Study Camps

We offer our students a variety of international events and competitions, volunteering opportunities in the field of translation and interpretation as well as summer and winter vacation camps. The two most famous and well-established competitions are the Global Youth Forum and the Global Academic Olympiad.
  • Global Youth Forum
    Every summer we invite students from our sister schools to come together in the quest for learning at the traditional Global Youth Forum. The GYF is held annually in different locations and continents to provide students with a broad worldview and with the experience of acting on an international stage.
  • Global Academic Olympiad
    The Global Academic Olympiad opens in the summer. It propels students to excel in academics and serves as a means to deepen the students’ knowledge in their areas of interest. Participants from all around the world compete in the subjects of mathematics, science and humanities.
Study camps range from college tours over English camps to subject classes through which students not only advance their skills but are also able to have bigger dreams.
  • College Dream Camp:
    Elementary school students (grades 5 and 6) are invited to visit universities in the USA, Europe or Asia during vacation in order to create big dreams for their futures.
  • Schooling Camp:
    Elementary school students visit the GVCS USA campus, participate in classes and visit famous landmarks - experiencing the world while learning English.
  • TOEFL/SAT Camp:
    These study camps are designed for GVCS students who desire to challenge themselves and increase existing skills.


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