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Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

10 qualities for global leaders who will lead 10 billion people in the world

  • A leader who is not easily swayed by circumstances or expectations
  • A leader who, possessing great communication skills, is able to embrace and cope with diverse cultures, races and languages
  • A leader who displays exceptional professionalism in his or her profession
  • A leader who is honest and truthful, and takes a stand against any temptation
  • A leader who humbly seeks noble values while also seeking the happiness of others
  • A leader who values self-identity and preserves the nation’s value
  • A leader who accepts the responsibilities and obligations as a member of society
  • A leader who treasure’s life and has a compassionate heart to reach out to his/her neighbors regardless of race and religion
  • A leader who understands the true love taught by God and shares it by serving others
  • A leader who genuinely acknowledges others’ talents and abilities, and is also able to equip other leaders