Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People


Classrooms and intensive curriculum

  • exclusive classrooms for each subject to increase the quality of education
  • intensive curriculum for all subjects, including English, mathematics, Taekwondo, reading, AP subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.), Bible, Korean, history, social studies, science, foreign languages (Chinese, Spanish German, etc.), music, art, and computer science

Enhanced educational foundation

  • Middle School
    • - strengthening basic skills of Korean, English, Mathematics, and foreign languages
    • - understanding the basic concepts of science and social studies
    • - Classes are taught in Korean, yet most classes utilize textbooks and reference material in English.
  • High School
    • - Classes are taught in English except for Korean, Korean history, Taekwondo, music and art.
  • Literary workshop programm
    • - acquiring basic knowledge in humanities

Spiritual training

  • accepting Christ as one’s savior (individually)
  • Sunday worship service
  • Monday prayer meeting: praying over North Korea and for Korea's unification
  • Friday prayer service
  • early morning service
  • English Ministry (EM)
  • discipleship training
  • spring and fall CPE spiritual training
  • prayer groups with dormitory roommates and visits by pastors
  • Bible classes (integrated into regular curriculum)

Global view of the world

  • required foreign languages
  • international volunteer work, mission trips, internships
  • Global Youth Forum
  • exchange programs with sister schools

Global communication skills

  • English language instruction for main subjects
  • foreign language classes such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese etc. (elective)
  • enhanced Korean education
  • study-abroad program (1-2 years of local language programs in the USA)

Social skills

  • dormitory living (required for all students)
  • personality training
  • one-day retreat by grade (“Lock-in”)
  • school family system
  • sports festival
  • peer tutoring

National identity

  • Taekwondo training for all students required to obtain the third degree black belt (3rd dan)
  • teaching national identity and pride through Taekwondo training
  • focusing on Korea’s modern history
  • field trips, such as cross-country trips, visits to Dokdo Island and other historic sites in Korea
  • education on the capability and responsibility for a South Korea-led possible reunification of the two Koreas
  • teaching about Korea's duty and responsibility toward Asia and the world

Maximizing students’ capabilities

  • independent ELA (English Language Acquisition) curriculum
  • high school courses embed honors and AP classes
  • remedial classes in English and mathematics for underachieving students
  • developing self-directed learning methods
  • honor study hall
  • reading classes & English listening programs
  • extra-curricular on-line classes

Cultivating creativity

  • research projects and in-class presentations
  • discussion classes
  • project-based tasks
  • group projects and joint research

Field studies and practical experience

  • eco-friendly, hands-on education
  • farming experience
  • volunteering activities for/in rural communities
  • school excursions linked to academic subjects (history etc.)
  • participation in a variety of community activities
  • volunteering activities for international events (English interpretation)

Nurturing individual talents and aptitudes

  • musical instruments (mandatory)
  • diversity of club activities (mandatory)
  • literary workshop (mandatory, monthly)
  • sports activities for middle school students
  • Cultural Arts Festival (annually)

Individual career and college guidance counseling

  • aptitude and personality tests
  • guidance counseling for grades 10 through 12
  • field experience and internship programs linked to school curriculum, university admission and career
  • finding universities best suited for each student, based on individual aptitude and capabilities
  • guidance on university admission tailored to individual educational background and future vision of each student (for universities located in Korea, Asia, the USA and Europe)


  • various scholarship programs
  • special scholarship programs for children of ministers and missionaries and from underprivileged families
  • “100,000-account campaign” intended to create a tuition-free school by 2017