Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

01School symbols

Flower : Lily
Lilly the purity and love of Jesus
Tree : Fir
Fir tree always green and pure

GEM Logo
GEM Logo The color blue symbolizes visions and dreams. The oval white line and the straight line show the earth and the formation of the cross, the latter symbolizing the will to serve the world according to the love and teachings of Christ. The 3 pieces of the crescent moon symbolize the trinity and represent the will to do good and cooperate. This symbol signifies the ministry of raising talented individuals who will change the world dynamically.

GVCS Logo White represents purity, blue represents vision, and red represents sacrifice and passion. G stands for “good,” “global,” and “GVCS.” Each block stands for the vigor of GVCS lifting its arms toward the sky and the passion of the Gospel to the world.
GVCS Mascot : White Tiger
White Tiger The white tiger represents the strong identity of GVCS.