Global Vision Christian School
Cultivate Leaders
Who Will Lead 10 Billion People

Principal 조인진 - Photo

Principal In Jin Cho, Ph.D


GVCS is a Christian internationalized alternative school based on a Christian worldview, with the purpose of cultivating global Christian leaders with outstanding spirituality, character, and intelligence. Our GVCS education aims to prepare the students to be able to live a life of faith for the Kingdom of God.

First, the curriculum of GVCS has been developed and implemented with a Christian worldview and includes a variety of spiritual education programs.

Second, believing in the potential of students, GVCS respects the diversity and individuality of each student and actively supports the growth of individual students.

Third, in order to cultivate global leaders who will serve 10 billion people in the world, GVCS offers programs that foster global communication skills, national identity, and global education through practical experience.

Fourth, GVCS educates its students through a community lifestyle where they can gain experiences of appreciation, obedience, consideration, and service to others, as well as improve interpersonal relationship skills.

Fifth, by supporting self-governed student activities, GVCS promotes a school culture that emphasizes autonomy and accountability. Sixth, by providing customized guidance counseling that helps students to develop various aptitudes and talents, GVCS has an excellent record of students successfully matriculating at universities.

Sixth, teachers have a sense of calling based on the Christian world view, teach students using various communication methods and valuing student participation for a student-centered class, and shower them with unconditional love throughout their school and outside life.

We are looking forward to meeting parents who will share with us the educational vision of Global Vision Christian School.


Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D in Education (SungKyunKwan University)
Education - Educational Psychology
Work Experience
  • Professor at Chongshin University,
  • Adjunct Professor at SungKyunKwan University,
  • Research Professor at Hanyang University,
  • Research Fellow at Korea Educational Development Institute (KEDI),
  • Senior Researcher at SungKyunKwan Educational Research Center,
  • Harvard University Visiting Fellow
  • “Analysis Research of Educational Outcomes According to the Types of Alternative Christian School”
  • “Developing Evaluation Standards to Analyze Educational Outcomes of Alternative Christian Schools”
  • “Research on Educational Philosophy of Alternative School Teachers”
  • “Research on On-site Application of Educational Philosophy of Alternative School Teachers”
  • “Development and Validity Analysis of Evaluation Tools to Measure Educational Philosophy of Alternative School Teachers”
  • “A Critical Analysis of the Curriculum of Christian Alternative Schools in Korea”
  • Preliminary Teacher Work Book
  • Study of Educational Curriculum and Evaluation
  • Understanding Subject Teaching
  • Outcomes of Christian Alternative School Education