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01Peter Hall classrooms, administration

The main building of the Mungyeong Campus is named after the school founder’s, Jin-Seok Nam, pen name “Shin-Am.” As the majority of the classrooms, the library and the administration offices are located in this building, this is where students spend most of their time.

[classrooms / library / science lab / computer lab / broadcasting room / school administration and Global Education Mission office]


02Young Soon Hall classrooms

The Yongsoon building, which is the former Youngsoon Middle School, houses the independently-operated ELA classes and an English cafe where students receive intensive English education. There are also multi-purpose classrooms including private music rooms and a Taekwondo studio in the building.

[classrooms / computer lab / nurse office/ English cafe / Taekwondo studio / music practice rooms]


03Hulbert Hall chapel, Hong Byung-Jin Taekwondo studio

Hulbert Hall
Independence activist and missionary Homer Hulbert, who wanted to be buried in Korea instead of Westminster Abbey, was a passionate missionary who promoted the excellence of Korea to the world. Homer Hulbert spread the music sheet of the traditional Korean song “Mungyeongsaejae Arirang” that was published in the English magazine “Korea Repository” in 1896. This building was named after Homer Hulbert in hopes for great achievements of the Korean nation and to continue the world mission that Homer Hulbert had started.

Hong Byung-jin Taekwondo Studio
The Taekwondo studio, where students are taught the values of their own identity as well as of Korea, was named after Taekwondo Master Hong Byung-Jin. The Taekwondo Demonstration Team spreads the gospel and promotes Korea through local and overseas activities, transcending boundaries, languages, and cultures, making Taekwondo a tool for mission.

[chapel / Hong Byung-Jin Taekwondo studio / counseling office]

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04Global Vision Retreat Center Vision Hall, Lily Hall, White Tiger Hall

The Global Vision Retreat Center, comprised of the dormitories (Lily Hall and White Tiger Hall) and Vision Hall, features accommodation for students, the cafeteria, a cafe and a fitness center. The Vision Cafe offers a full range of beverages and snacks, and is popular among students as a place to study in groups and to relax.

[Vision Hall / Lily Hall / White Tiger Hall / Vision Cafe / laundry room / convenience store / cafeteria / fitness center]

Lily Hall, White Tiger Hall


Vision Hall (Guest House)