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"Characteristics of the GVCS Eumseong Campus Dormitories"

01Where students’ rights are valued

  • where physical punishment does not exist
  • reward/penalty point system (School Community Participation)
  • monthly C.P.E campaign, awarding student-of-the-month

02Where students are safe from violence

  • CCTV on every floor
  • strict no visitors policy
  • surveys on school violence twice a month

03Where student activities are allowed

  • student committee on each floor
  • rules and regulations are revisited monthly and during special conferences
  • developing and operating weekend programs through which students can develop their creativity and talents

04Where students are loved and trusted

  • daily prayer meeting with roommates, sharing prayer requests
  • special counseling programs by dorm teachers
  • education in etiquette, neatness, and obedience

05Where study hall is held daily

  • creating a library-like atmosphere
  • providing separate areas for students to tutor each other