Global Vision Christian School
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"Dormitory Characteristics of GVCS Mungyeong"

01Developing basic life skills

  • Self-control
    We help students to create their garden of life by trimming unnecessary, hindering life habits in their walk towards their visions.
  • Time management
    Students shape their futures by creating daily and weekly plans and by participating in after-school activities based on these plans.

02Foundation for learning skills

  • Self-directed learning
    Students learn how to study by themselves through the required evening self-study program instead of relying on studying with a private tutor or at private academies as is common for students at public schools.
  • Strengthening concentration
    Students learn to concentrate on their studies by attending the daily 3-hour intensive study hall, building basic learning skills.

03Living together

  • Community training
    While living away from home yet with their peers, the student develop a generous spirit and open mindset and learn to embrace their neighbors as well as people of all kinds.
  • Relationship training
    Students learn to handle problems that arise due to communal living and build interpersonal skills of keeping harmonious relationships with others.

04Living spiritual love

  • Serving others
    Students turn from a self-centered life to one of loving and serving others, thus growing in character.
  • Spiritual training
    Daily early morning services, prayer groups with roommates, discipleship training, and Friday night prayers are all supported and emphasized by the dormitory teachers.