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Curriculum - Photo

GVCS uses English textbooks based on the regular Christian middle and high school curriculum of English speaking countries for classroom instruction and tests for most subjects except for Korean, History, Taekwondo, Music, Art, and Computer Science.

  • Middle school curriculum (7th - 9th): Math and science classes are taught in Korean as students need to learn the basic principles of math and acquire a profound understanding of the concepts in social studies. English classes are conducted by native speakers of English and instructed in English. Students who have difficulty following English-only classes are taught by bilingual teachers and are offered 2 hours of English Language Acquisition classes after school to promote their English skills.
  • High school curriculum (10th - 12th grade): In comparison to the middle school curriculum, a higher number of classes are taught in English, as most classes except for Korean, history, Taekwondo, music, art, and computer science are taught by bilingual teachers or teachers who are native speakers of English.

Required classes

After receiving accreditation from the North Chungcheong Province Ministry of Education as an alternative school, Korean and Korean history have been designated as required classes by the Ministry of Education; English, Bible, Taekwondo, and reading have been designated as required classes by the school.

Elective classes

Students have a wide variety of electives as to be able to select their preferred classes among math, science, social science, music, and art classes, all of which are based on the students’ individual educational goals. In addition, foreign languages (such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and German), Chinese characters, and computer science are offered to allow students to be educated as global leaders.

Private tutoring

Students have the opportunity to study with subject teachers or peers after class in order to increase their skills.

After-school activities

Students can discover and develop their talents early on and share them with others. After-school activities include club activities, music classes (band, classical musical instruments, marching band), art classes (creating portfolios for prospective art majors), TOEFL/SAT classes, intensive Taekwondo classes, and school sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer). In addition, all GVCS students are encouraged to play one musical instrument and participate in one sport activity.

Intensive English education (ELA)

The intensive English Language Acquisition class is offered daily for 2 hours in order to help students with their English language competency. ELA classes are directed towards those students who have difficulties understanding English in the regular class environment.